Marsascala, Malta

Marsascala is a sea-side village in eastern Malta that has grown up around the small harbour at the head of Marsascala Bay. The population of this village in 1905 was just 53, today it is just under 10,000 which doubles during the tourist season.

The name is believed to have been derived from the words "Marsa" (meaning "Port") and "Sqalli" (meaning "Sicilian") however there are different opinions regarding the origin of the name.

The bay is a long narrow inlet and has the Maltese name of Wied il-Ghajn, meaning Wied (meaning Valley) and Ghajn which refers to a spring of fresh water.

The emblem of Marsascala Council reflects the Green valley with the water between.



The area now known as Marsascala (aka Marsaskala or M'Skala) was inhabited thousands of years ago by Neolithic and Bronze Age Man.

The most interesting ancient evidence found in Marsascala are cart-ruts, parallel channels formed in the rock face, some of which lead straight into the sea due to sea levels having risen since that era.

There are also Roman villa remains and early Christian catacombs. Behind the old Jerma hotel there is evidence of a Roman Bath in a field at il-Gzira.


Eating Out

There are an abundance of excellent restaurants in Marsascala. Here are the most popular:

Restaurant Cuisine Address
Zonqor Point Restaurant Mediterranean Triq Ghar ix-Xama, Marsascala
L-Awwista Maltese Sea Food Zonqor Road, Marsascala
The Stuffed Olive Mediterranean 18-20 Marina Street, Marsascala
CapoTavola - Il Gusto nell'Arte Italian 16 Triq Ix - Xatt, Marsascala
Grabiel Maltese 1 Mifsud Bonnici Street, Marsascala
Ximo Restaurant European 26 Marina Street, Marsascala
Tal Familja Restaurant Italian/Mediterranean Triq il-Gardiel, Marsascala
Grand China Chinese St Anthony Street, Marsascala
Uncle Matt's Kitchen European 48-52 Marina Street, Marsascala
Swan Lake Restaurant Maltese Triq il-Gardiel, Marsascala
Cool Waters Bar/Grill Marina Street, Marsascala



Sant Anna Parish Church

The melodious chimes of the parish church dedicated to St. Anne ring out across the bay. The church, built in 1953 dominates the view and forms a beautiful backdrop to the moored vessels in the bay. The feast of St Anne is celebrated at the end of July and is a big event in Marsascala.


Marsascala Family Park

The Sant’ Antnin Family Park in Marsascala is the biggest family park in Malta. Opened by the Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on February 24th, the Sant ’Antnin Family Park was created as a leisure area for both local and foreign visitors.

Facilities include walking/cycling routes, a picnic area, two mazes for children, a rock climbing area, children's play area, outdoor gym equipment, water park, football pitch, equestrian area (with stables), a traditional farm and a dog park. There is also an amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 450 people and cafeteria and tea room.




Marsascala is twinned with no fewer than 24 towns across the European Union. Twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, and festivals to celebrate produce from each of the countries.

Altea, Spain - 1991 Karkkila, Finland - 1997
Bad Kötzting, Germany - 1991 Oxelösund, Sweden - 1998
Bellagio, Italy - 1991 Judenburg, Austria - 1999
Bundoran, Republic of Ireland - 1991 Chojna, Poland - 2004
Granville, France - 1991 Kőszeg, Hungary - 2004
Holstebro, Denmark - 1991 Sigulda, Latvia - 2004
Houffalize, Belgium - 1991 Sušice, Czech Republic - 2004
Meerssen, the Netherlands - 1991 Türi, Estonia - 2004
Niederanven, Luxembourg - 1991 Zvolen, Slovakia - 2007
Preveza, Greece - 1991 Prienai, Lithuania - 2008
Sesimbra, Portugal - 1991 Siret, Romania - 2010
Sherborne, United Kingdom - 1991