Available Excursions

Excursions and Cruises - Malta, Gozo & Comino

When you are in Malta, it is possible to arrange to see almost every attraction by doing it yourself. With some careful planning, you can reach attractions in Gozo and Comino by public transport - even though they are North of the island. But BEWARE! You may find the effort time consuming and exhausting.

Due to the fact there are 400,000 people in Malta and some 300,000 motor vehicles, it can take you some time to work your away around to the more northern attaractions. Further, there is nothing like travelling and viewing these from the sea, after all - what better way to see an island than from a boat?

We therefore recommend that if you are coming over for about a week, intersperse your travel with an excursion. Here is a link to a website where you can view the available trips and also score a 5% discount by using the code AKWADOR. You can either book online and pay by credit card prior to your arrival, else pay by cash and have us book your trip for you on arrival.

For more on the excursions available - click on Malta Excursion