History of Akwador Guest House

The Akwador brand has been part of Marsascala life for some 35 years now. During the course of it's history it has developed from a few spare rooms in a residential house, to a B&B and now to a dedicated business as a Guest House. Also within the complex are private apartments, and Jacob's Brew Cafe situated on the ground floor - Malta's first socially concious Cafe.

The owners, Joseph and Maria have developed their enterprise over the years and have certainly placed a very Maltese stamp on the business. The Akwador bar on the ground floor has been providing it's local patrons with their Cisk and a grilled bar lunch since the 70's and even became the watering hole of some of the late Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi's security team when he visited Malta during the years of Prime Ministers Dom Mintoff and Karenu Mifsud Bonnici.

Times have changed, and along with the rest of Malta as it modernised following it's membership of the European Union, so has Akwador House. The original structure (pictured here) was demolished down to the Bar and Grill (now Jacob's Brew Cafe) on the ground floor and rebuilt to incorporate a private flat on the second floor and the Guest House plus private apartments on the 3rd and 4th floors topped with a penthouse flat.

If you look at the photograph closely, you can see that the water is almost to the edge of the house, this has been replaced with a road and a pedestrianised promenade with palm trees. The water contunues to flow under the road, unchanged but not obvious to the eye.

It is with great pleasure that we have taken over as Guest House Operators of Akwador, and Larisa in particular brings many years of experience in the hospitality industry having started her first private hotel in Archangel in 1994 (following perestroika in Russia). Following a career in tourism which brought her to London, England in 1996 - Larisa has worked for major hotel chains including until coming to Malta, managing a Whitbread's Premier Inn in the United Kingdom.

Our objective is to rise to the challenge to maintain the high standards of the Akwador brand and bring our own ideas and experience without losing the Maltese warmth which a vital part of the Guest House experience. We hope to see you here with us Malta soon!

Larisa & Neil